Facebook warns users before spreading fake news regarding  COVID-19.

Facebook is globally rolling out a new update screen that will provide more information to users about the COVID-19 related posts they post on the social network. The message tells users when the article and its source were first published. This is part of broader attempts by Facebook to counter widespread disinformation around novel coronavirus. The warning will also lead users to Facebook’s COVID-19 Information Center, where they can access reliable information on the virus from global health departments.

Facebook said the goal was to ensure that people have the information they need to make informed decisions about what to say about COVID-19 on the social networking site. The update, according to Facebook, will help users understand the context of the news and the source before they post it. Facebook revealed the function last month, and now it has been made available to all.

This update is part of Facebook’s steps to counter disinformation about COVID-19. According to data published earlier this week, Facebook said it deleted seven million posts during the second quarter for spreading misleading facts about the novel coronavirus, including posts that advertised false prevention steps and sensational cures. 

This functionality is expected to come out in stages and is not yet open to us.